Keep your employees, friends and family safe with our 25 holiday safety tips!

Our WSPS team wishes you peace and happiness for the festive season and the coming year.

Tip #1

Check holiday decorations, lights and extension cords for damage before using. Replace any item that appears questionable.

Tip #2

Make sure decorations and artificial trees are flame resistant or non-combustible. Using a “real” tree? Keep it well watered.

Tip #3

Don’t overload electrical outlets. They can overheat and start a fire. Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) when plugging in outdoors.

Tip #4

Don’t block aisles, exits, exit signs or sprinklers with decorations.

Tip #5

Double check the working condition of smoke and CO2 detectors, sprinklers and fire extinguishers. Make replacing batteries an annual habit.

Tip #6

Before leaving work or home, turn off all indoor and outdoor decorations. Blow out any candles.

Tip #7

Don’t place holiday displays, decorations, trees or electrical cords where people may trip; use a ladder to reach high places.

Tip #8

Keep entrances, steps, exits, walkways, parking lots and loading docks clear of snow, ice and water. Keep related supplies, such as sand, salt and shovels, close at hand.

Tip #9

Make sure outdoor areas have adequate lighting, fixtures are clean, and timers have been adjusted for additional hours of darkness.

Tip #10

Wear proper outdoor footwear — well-insulated, waterproof, thick, non-slip tread soles made of natural rubber, with wide low heels.

Tip #11

Schedule work deadlines away from the holidays.

Tip #12

Encourage employees to take frequent breaks, especially in retail and hospitality settings.

Tip #13

Know the signs of depression and how to approach a person who may be depressed.

Tip #14

Provide full-spectrum lamps and information on seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Tip #15

Share company and community mental health resources and services that people can tap into.

Tip #16

Find ways to say “Thank You” to those working over the holidays. Increase contact with employees working alone.

Tip #17

Make sure employees understand your violence and harassment policy and procedures, especially if employees interact with the public.

Tip #18

Boost morale and spirit by adding some fun to the workplace during the holiday season.

Tip #19

Limit alcohol at workplace parties. Ensure all employees have a way to get home safely. Consider distributing taxi chits.

Tip #20

Use snow tires – all season tires can stiffen in the cold and provide less traction.

Tip #21

Check your vehicle’s battery, antifreeze, wipers, windshield washer fluid, brakes and defroster before heading out.

Tip #22

Carry a winter storm kit — blankets, flashlight, cellphone with charger and extra batteries, shovel, first-aid kit, non-perishable food, extra warm clothes, and water container.

Tip #23

Monitor weather reports for advance warning of bad weather. Adjust your plans accordingly.

Tip #24

Allow more time to get to where you are going, and keep a safe distance from other cars.

Tip #25

Note employees’ or family members’ driving destinations, routes and estimated time of arrival.